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World-Class Addiction Treatment in Orange County

Laguna Trails Recovery is a luxury drug and alcohol addiction treatment center for both male and female clients. Our outstanding residential treatment facility and excellence in clinical care provide an optimal environment in which you or your loved one can recover from substance abuse addiction or alcoholism.

jcaho-GoldSeal_4colorLaguna Trails Recovery is fully accredited by The Joint Commission, the nation’s oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in healthcare. This accreditation is the highest level possible for any addiction treatment center in the United States.

Our Southern California drug and alcohol rehab program is located in beautiful Orange County, and features modern and effective addiction treatment programs along with numerous fun activities that take full advantage of the wonderful Southern California weather and natural beauty.

Our proximity to the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful, world-renowned beaches of Orange County will help to make your stay particularly pleasant.

Our Luxurious Facility

Our addiction treatment facility at Laguna Trails Recovery is located in Laguna Niguel, a safe and tranquil community in lovely Orange County, California.

Our residential treatment home is spacious, luxurious, and modern with careful attention paid to furnishings and design to ensure maximum comfort for our valued clients.

Private rooms are available for those who desire the pinnacle of tranquility while residing with us.

Part of our philosophy of treatment is that recovery is possible anywhere, but if you can be extremely comfortable during this challenging period of your life the recovery process is that much easier.


Some of the Specialty Addictions We Treat.


Xanax Addiction and Treatment

Xanax or Alprazolam is a benzodiazepine, one of the most prescribed and most addictive drugs available…

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Vicodin Addiction and Treatment

Vicodin is a prescription painkiller, manufactured as a combination of hydrocodone and…

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Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction

Millions of Americans use prescription drugs every day. Why are some addicted and others not? In some cases…

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OxyContin Addiction and Treatment

OxyContin is a control-release form of Oxycodone, an opiate used to treat moderate to severe pain for short…

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Getting Treatment for Opiate Addiction

Opiates are heavily addicting, and many people are vulnerable because of stress, genetics, and their health…

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Hydrocodone/Norco Addiction and Treatment

Hydrocodone is a synthetic opioid derived from codeine and thebaine, often combined with painkillers like…

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Ativan Addiction and Treatment

Ativan, or Lorazepam, is a benzodiazepine frequently prescribed to treat anxiety, active seizures, and…

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Ambien Addiction and Treatment

Ambien is a brand name of Zolpidem and is frequently prescribed to treat insomnia and other sleeping problems…

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Alcohol Addiction and Treatment

Alcohol is the most frequently consumed drug in the world, legal almost everywhere, despite a mind-numbing range…

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Heroin Addiction and Treatment

Heroin or diamorphine is a synthesized opioid analgesic, once declining in use and now one of the most popular drugs…

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Bath Salts Addiction and Treatment

Bath Salts are a class of recreational drug commonly disguised as cleaning supplies, bath salts, and even table salt.

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lagunatrailsrecovery-specialty-addictions-treat-photo-cocaine addiction

Cocaine Addiction and Treatment

Cocaine is a stimulant-drug, which massively increases dopamine production in the brain to create increased energy…

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lagunatrailsrecovery-specialty-addictions-treat meth addiction

Methamphetamine Addiction and Treatment

Methamphetamine is a strong stimulant, causing users to stay up for long-periods of time, expend high amounts of energy…

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What Is Treatment Like at Laguna Trails?

Our program focuses on excellence in clinical care with a strong commitment to creating a safe and supportive environment in which you or you loved one can recover from active addiction. One of the factors that differentiates Laguna Trails Recovery is the especially luxurious nature of our residential treatment home, which was carefully selected to provide the most comfortable surroundings in which to recover.

The program places an emphasis on getting to the core issues that are at the base of the addiction for our clients. We understand that each person is unique, so a thorough assessment is taken upon intake.

An individualized treatment plan created based on that assessment specifically for that client, including a Non-12 Step Based Approach.

Rapid 7 to 10 Day Detox Only Program is also available for those who require a quick return to their normal life.

  • Private Rooms
  • On-site Detox
  • 7 – 10 Day Detox

  • Non-12 Step Available

  • Masters Level Therapists

  • Luxurious Facilities

  • Private Chef

  • Individualized Care

We believe in our team and our treatment model, and will do everything in our power to help our clients succeed.


Our Mission Statement

  • Recovery from addiction is possible for anyone.

  • Each client is a unique human being who will be viewed with compassion and treated with dignity and respect.

  • We will walk with our clients on their journey of recovery.

  • Our goal is nothing less than a full and sustained recovery from addiction.

Begin your journey to recovery.

Active addiction steals everything worthwhile in life, both for the addict and the loved ones of the addict. But it is possible to begin the process. If you or you loved one would like some answers contact us today for a consultation to discuss your specific situation in complete confidence.


Orange County Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab


Laguna Trails Recovery provides a full continuum of addiction treatment services. Our modern and effective substance abuse addiction and alcoholism treatment programs utilize a variety of treatment modalities that are tailored into a custom plan for each client. We are located close to the beautiful Pacific Ocean coastline and beaches.


Alcoholism is a chronic disease that is often fatal if left untreated. Our Alcohol Rehab programs specifically address the needs of detoxification from alcohol, which can be very dangerous, and then provide for a sustained recovery.



Our Drug Rehab programs offer effective treatment modalities that start with detox from the specific substance, and then a an individually tailored treatment plan. Our team has experience supporting recovery from a variety of substances.



Laguna Trails Recovery provides access to a medical drug and alcohol detox in a comfortable setting. The detox process is closely monitored by a team of specialists who utilize a variety of safe and effective medications to help manage the physical symptoms of detoxification.



Our residential treatment facility is fully licensed by the State of California, with a special focus on luxurious and comfortable settings, modern treatment methods, and highly experienced staff.  Our residential treatment programs are specifically tailored for each individual client to address their particular situation.



We can help to confirm that your insurance will pay for our comprehensive superior quality addiction treatment. Learn what to expect when you or your loved one begins addiction treatment.



At Laguna Trails Recovery our addiction treatment program features a variety of holistic methods. Yoga, equine therapy, meditation, nutrition planning, structured fitness, and many others are available. All are staffed by experienced and compassionate professionals who are experts in their respective fields.


About Us

Here at Laguna Trails Recovery we believe that the treatment we provide for our clients is only as good as the team that we assemble. Great attention has been taken in the selection of each staff member to ensure that our team operates synergistically in the best interests of the client.  Excellence in client care is the cornerstone of our treatment model.


Change your story today.

Why not begin a new chapter in the story of life today for you or your loved one? Our program provides true individualized care for each client in a luxurious setting with a special focus on creating a sustained recovery.