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Alcohol Rehab in Orange County

Alcohol abuse and addiction is common, hard to predict, and can be developed in any individual from any background. Because alcohol is legal, alcohol abuse can often be rationalized or hidden, which can make it difficult for an alcoholic to admit the need for treatment.

Alcohol addictions can range widely in severity. Many people do not realize that alcohol is physically addictive and that detox from alcohol should not be undertaken without a professional assessment, because it can be life-threatening.

Because of this some alcoholics will require immediate entry into a medical detoxification program.  This is dependent on the amount consumed, length of time drinking, and other factors.

After the initial detoxification process the team will begin to address the underlying issues including trauma that may have contributed to your alcohol abuse.

 A strong aftercare program is available as well, as staying sober after treatment is just as important as getting sober in the first place.



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