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Drug and Alcohol Detox

Detox is a process that allows a person to safely and systematically withdraw from alcohol or other addictive drugs.

The continuous usage of alcohol and drug over time can result in a profound physical dependence upon these substances. Discontinuing usage, especially for those using high dosages and/or using for long periods of time, can cause uncomfortable and dangerous, even fatal, withdrawal symptoms in the addict or alcoholic.

The detoxification process at Laguna Trails is made as comfortable as possible through designing the detox plan for the specific substances and situation of the client. Special care and attention are paid to physical withdrawal symptoms through the appropriate use of proper medications and other detox support systems.

The detox process begins with a comprehensive medical evaluation and psychological assessment performed by our clinical team. The detox process can last anywhere from 3 – 10 days, depending on the substance and severity of abuse.

After detox, the client will enter our drug addiction treatment program or alcoholism treatment program, depending on the nature of their addiction.

After detox, an individually-tailored addiction treatment plan is designed and implemented for each client.

At Laguna Trails Recovery we use a variety of addiction treatment modalities including:






Group Therapy


Individual Therapy


Equine Therapy




Exercise and Fitness


Nutrition Planning

If you or a loved one needs more information about Addiction Treatment Programs, please contact Laguna Trails Recovery to speak with one of our experienced and professional intake advisors.

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