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Bath Salts Addiction and Treatment.

Laguna Trails Recovery is a leading Orange County rehabilitation center specializing in custom treatment programs. Our holistic approach is designed to tackle every aspect of addiction, from mental to psychological – giving every person in our care the best chances and tools to make a full recovery. Our staff are fully experienced in treating and helping drug abusers, including those addicted to the class of drugs known as bath salts.

Our team of medical professionals can create a custom recovery plan, designed to tackle the mental and physical aspects of you or your loved one’s drug addiction – to treat both the addiction and the underlying causes behind it.

What are Bath Salts?

Bath Salts are a class of recreational drug commonly disguised as cleaning supplies, bath salts, and even table salt. These “salts’ come in the form of clear crystals or grains and can be comprised of multiple harmful and addictive substances. Substances including cathinone, methylenedioxypryovalerone, methylene, mephedrone, and pipradrol are all common. However, with a chemical makeup that varies widely from substance to substance and little understanding of how these chemicals cause highs, bath salts can be extremely dangerous and detrimental to human health. Unfortunately, many users quickly become dependent on the euphoric-like high of the drug, consuming too much and too often.

Health Risks of Ativan Abuse

Bath salts are typically mixed drugs, sourced from various locations, with no guarantee of safety or chemical purity. Many cause toxicity and poisoning symptoms such as headache, heart palpitations, nausea, decreased blood pressure, hallucinations, and paranoia or panic attacks. Over long-term use, bath salts can cause kidney and liver failure, depression, dehydration, and breakdown of skeletal muscle tissue. This can be incredibly dangerous for long-term users, who are literally putting their health on the line each time they use.

Detoxing the Safe Way

At Laguna Trails recovery, our medical team can create a personalized recovery plan, including medical prescriptions to ease withdrawal symptoms, so you or your loved one can detox safely. With medical support, we can ensure that every person in our care can detox safely so that they can move onto treating the mental and psychological aspects of their addiction.

We offer personalized treatment, designed to help you recover from the underlying causes of addiction, like stress, trauma, and behavioral coping problems. Our comprehensive treatment program ensures that you can recognize and learn to cope with every facet behind your addiction, while learning to cope with cravings, stress, and recovery.

At Laguna Trails, we know that the factors contributing to addiction are complex. That’s why we develop personalized treatment around your needs, to give you every tool to recover. If you want to know more, contact us at 877-447-4977. to discuss your needs and your options. We can help.

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