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Cocaine Addiction and Treatment.

Laguna Trails Recovery is a top rehab treatment facility in Orange County, California. Our specialization in personalized science-based addiction recovery treatment makes our facility one of the leading in the region, with strong support for cocaine addicts in every stage of recovery. We approach addiction with the understanding that every person coming into our care is unique, and therefore needs custom treatment to tackle their unique personal problems. And, with a staff of medical professionals available to support every need, we are able to help recovering addicts build the tools necessary to create a new life, cocaine free.

How Does Cocaine Addiction Work?

Cocaine is a stimulant-drug, which massively increases dopamine production in the brain to create increased energy and a sense of euphoria in most users. While the risk of addiction is low under moderate use, heavy users become dependent and addicted – often using more of the drug to prevent painful crash and withdrawal symptoms. Over time, this can cause severe anxiety and paranoia, as well as panic attacks where users may feel as though they are dying. Cocaine causes addiction through repeated use, where users change the physical makeup of their brain, readjusting to increased levels of dopamine, serotonin, GABA transmitters, norepinephrine, and glutamate, so that they may experience emotional blunting or difficulty experiencing pleasure at all while off the drug.

Health Risks of Cocaine Abuse

As a strong stimulant, cocaine causes a massive increased risk of heart attack and stroke. With increased energy levels and metabolism, many long-term users experience clogged arteries, lose unhealthy amounts of weight, and may take on a pallor or pale appearance. Over time, cocaine abuse causes inflammation of the heart muscles, increased agitation, hyperactivity, cold and flu symptoms, muscle tics, and the inability to concentrate or focus. This results in a greater risk of heart attack and stroke and increasing mental disorders including anxiety and depression.

Detoxing the Safe Way

Quitting cocaine on your own is difficult. Most users experience strong side effects including paralyzing panic attacks and anxiety, which may result in hospitalization or relapse to stop symptoms. With hard crashes and intense cravings, many abusers need pharmaceutical support or a tapering program to quit the drug successfully.

At Laguna Trails Recovery, we are prepared to create a custom detox program with prescription medication to reduce anxiety and discomfort during withdrawal. We can help you to detox the safe way, so that you can begin to heal and move into therapy. Our comprehensive treatment solutions include customized plans to give you the treatment you need to recover.

Recovering from an addiction is extremely difficult and often dangerous, but you don’t have to do it alone. Call us today at 877-447-4977 to discuss how we can help you with personalized treatment so you can recover and get your life back.

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