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Getting Treatment for Opiate Addiction.

If you or a loved one is addicted to opiates, there is help. The clinical team at Laguna Trails Recovery specializes in creating personalized recovery programs, designed to tackle every aspect of your addiction and give you everything you need to recover. People become addicted to pain pills for many complex reasons, as a result, no two addictions are alike, but with personalized medical and psychological support, you can tackle the underlying issues behind addiction and get back to your life.

Opiate Addiction

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people receive opiate prescriptions for pain, surgery, and recovery. Most are quickly taken off pain pills and go back to their lives. For many more, it’s not that easy. Opiates are heavily addicting, and many people are vulnerable because of stress, genetics, and their health. Many people also use opiates recreationally, buying either pain pills like hydrocodone or street drugs like heroin for an illicit high. Unfortunately, opiates are both habit forming and dangerous. As a result, data suggests that over 2.1 million people in the United States are addicted to some form of pain pill.

Long-Term Harm Caused by Opiate Abuse

While opiates are safe under short-term controlled use, they are dangerous for recreational use. Long-term users risk overdose, damage the liver and gastrointestinal tract, and increasingly damage their psychological and emotional health, causing panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. With more than 50,000 opiate related deaths in the United States each year, opiate abuse is deadly.

While many people are aware that their drug use is harming them, their ability to form and maintain relationships, and their loved ones, they are unable to stop because of a combination of dependence and severe withdrawal symptoms. With emotional blunting, strong anxiety, and severe depression starting just hours after a final dose of opiates wear off, detoxing on your own can be daunting and even dangerous.

Detoxing Safely at Laguna Trails

Laguna Trails offers science-based addiction treatment to help you detox safely. We can assess the extent of your addiction, and supervise prescription methadone or buprenorphine to help you withdraw without risking dangerous seizures, respiratory issues, or a very long recovery. Once you’ve detoxed, we’ll be there to follow up with a psychological assessment and a recovery plan personalized to your specific needs.

No one plans to be addicted and there’s no reason for you or your family to continue to suffer. Call us today at 877-447-4977 to discuss your personal recovery plan.

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