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Hydrocodone/Norco Addiction and Treatment.

Opiate addictions ruin lives. Let us help get yours back with a personalized treatment program designed to help you tackle the unique aspects of your or your loved one’s addiction. Laguna Trails Recovery is a leading recovery clinic in Orange County, and our clinical team can help you through recovery so you can be free of drug dependency.

Hydrocodone/Norco – Prescription Opioids Gone Wrong

Hydrocodone is a synthetic opioid derived from codeine and thebaine, often combined with painkillers like acetaminophen to create Norco. These drugs are used to treat short and long-term pain, following accidents, injuries and surgeries – but as an opiate, hydrocodone is both highly addictive and highly dangerous.

Hydrocodone affects the central nervous system, depressing the brain to cause muscle relaxation and euphoria. Over time, the body becomes tolerant and users treating pain may have to use more to achieve the same results. This quickly causes dependence and addiction. As use increases, hydrocodone and Norco abuse becomes more and more dangerous.

Hydrocodone Norco Abuse

Hydrocodone is heavily habit forming, and users will quickly become dependent even under normal use. Once addicted, many struggle to break free, consuming too much, purchasing more hydrocodone illegally, and even switching to unregulated and more dangerous opioids like heroin. In the short term, hydrocodone causes drowsiness, reduced motor skills, lightheadedness, cold and flu symptoms, and vomiting. In the long-term, it causes emotional blunting, anxiety and paranoia, and increased mental problems and withdrawal.

Abuse puts many users at risk of heart failure, respiratory distress and liver or kidney failure. Users are more prone to legal problems, driving while intoxicated, and committing crimes. It’s also one of the leading reasons behind hospitalization in the United States, with an estimated 82,000 ER admissions each year relating to recreational hydrocodone use. At the same time, even users who know they are addicted have difficulty quitting on their own.

Medically Assisted Detox

Withdrawing from opioids is traumatic, painful, and sometimes dangerous. Many users continue to abuse hydrocodone simply to stave off panic attacks and severe withdrawal symptoms. At Laguna Trails Recovery, we can help. Our team of medical professionals can prescribe an opioid withdrawal drug for short-term use to alleviate symptoms and relieve the danger of seizure and respiratory problems during withdrawal.

After you’ve made it through detox, we’ll complete a psychological analysis to help you determine the best treatment options for your specific problems. We know that every addiction is different, and your addiction is likely based on complex personal and psychological issues. Our custom treatment plan, designed to treat your unique addiction, can help.

Call Laguna Trails Recovery today at 877-447-4977 to discuss your options and find out how we can help you beat addiction.

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