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Methamphetamine Addiction and Treatment.

Laguna Trails Recovery is a leading rehab center in Orange County, offering both pharmacology and therapy-based treatment for methamphetamine addiction. Our combination of science-based recovery, personalized treatment plans, and psychological support is designed to give every person in our care the tools and foundation to fully recover from methamphetamine abuse, so they can move on. Our medical staff will work with you to develop custom treatment for specific individual needs and challenges because no two addictions are the same, and treatment should reflect that.

How Does Methamphetamine Addiction Work?

Methamphetamine is a central nervous system stimulant, typically used recreationally for its euphoric qualities. The drug is occasionally used in medical settings, but, with a high potential for abuse, is most often only used illicitly. While highly addictive and dependence-inducing, the drug is neurotoxic, meaning that side-effects and health problems worsen over prolonged use. Most take methamphetamine for the high, but quickly find that the drug reduces their ability to enjoy everyday life, by damaging dopamine neurons in the brain. While the drug is active, users are euphoric, high-energy, and cannot sleep – after which they crash, often for days at a time. Dependence sets in quickly, resulting in cravings and withdrawal symptoms after just a few uses.

Health Risks of Methamphetamine Abuse

Methamphetamine is a strong stimulant, causing users to stay up for long-periods of time, expend high amounts of energy, and force themselves to overextend. Over long-term use, many users develop persistent cold and flu symptoms, frequently oversleep, may develop psychosis and paranoia, and show neural degeneration including damage to the grey matter, dopamine neurons, and other parts of the neural network. Strong withdrawal and side-effects can also cause many users to prolong use, even when they know they are addicted and the drug is harming them.

Detoxing the Safe Way

Methamphetamine-induced neurotoxicity causes post-acute withdrawal, which can extend for months rather than the typical days to weeks of most other drugs. This is often a huge barrier to recovering addicts, who may have to continue using simply to stave off often-dangerous withdrawal symptoms. The support staff of medical professionals at Laguna Trails can help, offering pharmaceutical treatment in the form of prescription medication to reduce withdrawal symptoms and allow users to begin to heal as they detox.

We will create a fully customized treatment plan to help you or your loved one tackle the unique mental and physical aspects of their addiction – so that they can move on. Our professional staff are able to work with you to move you beyond the physiological symptoms of meth withdrawal and through building the psychological skills to stay in recovery.

Each person uses for their own reasons. Every addiction is unique, and therefore requires unique attention and treatment. At Laguna Trails, we recognize and embrace that. Contact us at 877-447-4977 to talk to one of our representatives about our personalized treatment and your options.

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