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OxyContin Addiction and Treatment.

Laguna Trails Recovery is a leading opioid addiction treatment center based in Orange County, California. Our combination of science-based treatment, sunny beach-side locales, and personalized treatment programs is designed to help addicts recover in a safe and comfortable environment with all the tools to rebuild their life. If you or a loved one is suffering from an Oxycontin addiction, we can help.

OxyContin Addiction

OxyContin is a control-release form of Oxycodone, an opiate used to treat moderate to severe pain for short to long periods. The drug is safe and effective in the short term and under medical supervision. Unfortunately, many users are given long-term oxycodone prescriptions, with little assistance in case they begin to build a tolerance to the drug. When that happens, most need to increase their dose to continue to relieve pain, causing worsening dependence and addiction.

Like all opiates, Oxycontin is heavily habit forming, and even prescribed use will cause dependence quickly. Once addicted, users must continue to abuse the drug to stave off strong withdrawal symptoms like panic, anxiety, and extreme flu symptoms.

Effects of OxyContin Abuse

Long-term OxyContin abuse can cause significant damage to the organs and the gastrointestinal tract. Most people experience emotional blunting, where the brain slows its production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin in response to synthetics found in opioids, so that the real world seems dulled or blunted in comparison to an OxyContin high. Users also experience a significant risk of overdose when increasing their intake, a high risk of switching to a street-drug like heroin, and worsening anxiety and depression over time. But, stopping often causes worse symptoms, and withdrawal paranoia and anxiety makes the experience incredibly daunting to face on your own.

Detoxing in a Safe Environment

Laguna Trails can help you to recover safely and comfortably in our rehabilitation facility. With full medical staff, we can offer prescription medication to ease OxyContin withdrawal symptoms, reduce the risk of seizures, and prevent anxiety and panic attacks so that you recover more quickly.

Our fully customized rehabilitation and OxyContin addiction treatment is designed to tackle every aspect of your addiction. We know that addiction is different for everyone, and our staff will help you build the mental and physical health needed to break free of your addiction.

Call Laguna Trails Recovery at 877-447-4977 to learn more about your personalized treatment program, our staff, and our facility in Orange County. We are here to help.

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